How To Invest In Crypto Full Beginners Guide in 2022

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Chappelle's Show - Reparations 2003 Follow-Up

Local newsman Chuck Taylor isn't quite sure how to handle the effect of reparations.About Chappelle's Show: It's not just a show - it's a social phenomenon. ...

Reporting Cash Income [2020]

If you received compensation in cash for services or products, you must include this on your tax return - it's the law! Find out more about reporting cash income in this video. Visit our website: Ray Halstead and Andrew McMillan are managing partners at REH CPAs in Mooresville, NC. They focus on helping small business owners with their bookkeeping, accounting, taxes, and ultimately allowing them to stay out of their books and in their business. If you want to speak with someone about your small business taxes, give REH CPAs a call at (704) 662-8249.

Learn How to Fill the Form 2441 Dependent Care Expenses

Visit: download the Form 2441 in printable format and to know aboutthe use of this form, who can use this Form 24...


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Did you get a child tax credit letter from the Internal Revenue Service? Here's what to know

If you received the child tax credit payments during the year, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will send you a child tax credit letter. Don't throw the letter away. You'll need it to file your taxes in 2022. Read more: Subscribe: Watch the latest KGW newscast: Get the KGW app:

Tax Filing Status

IMPORTANT: Due to tax relief related to the COVID-19 outbreak, the information in this video may not include the latest updates. Visit

Part-Time and Seasonal Jobs

If you have income from a seasonal or part-time job, remember it is taxable. Visit #SummerJob #parttimejob #IRS

Don't Fall for Tax Scams About the Child Tax Credit

Thieves are using the Advance Payments of the Child Tax Credit as bait to get people to give up their personal information. Don't fall for it:

Earned Income Tax Credit-Get It Right

IMPORTANT: Due to tax relief related to the COVID-19 outbreak, the information in this video may not include the latest updates. Visit

Gift Tax

Find out if you'll need to pay the federal gift tax if you give someone money or property. To get even more in-depth information, go to a...

Topic No. 602 Child and Dependent Care Credit | Internal Revenue Service

You may be able to claim the child and dependent care credit if you paid expenses for the care of a qualifying individual to enable you (and your spouse, if filing a joint return) to work or actively look for work. Generally, you may not take this credit if your filing status is married filing separately. However, see What’s Your Filing Status? in Publication 503, Child and Dependent Care Expenses, which describes an exception for certain taxpayers living apart from their spouse and meeting other requirements.

2021 Forms W-2 Reporting of Qualified Sick Leave & Family Leave Wages Paid Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, as amended by the American Rescue Plan | Internal Revenue Service

Employers must report the amount of qualified sick leave wages and qualified family leave wages paid in 2021 to employees under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, as amended by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, on either 2021 Forms W-2, box 14, or on a separate statement. This provides employees who are also self-employed with amounts they may need to figure their qualified sick leave equivalent or qualified family leave equivalent credits.

WebCE Blog | News

Whether you're a tax professional looking to help your clients or you are a taxpayer looking for your refund date, WebCE has provided this resource. Below is the estimated 2022 IRS tax refund schedule, showing the projected date you will likely receive your refund based on when you filed your tax return.

New IRS $600 Rule for 2022 - Bank Surveillance Update & IRS Tax Refunds

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refund chart, Norton Safe Search

The IRS tax refund chart dates are here. At one point in the past, the ...

irs publication, Norton Safe Search

IRS Publication 1. Part of the series: Surviving an IRS Tax Audit. IRS publication 1 lets you know your rights under the IRS audit.

Don't get surprised by a bill from the IRS! How the child tax credit could affect your 2022 return

While tax day is still a few months away, there are some things you should start thinking about now.

Tax refund 2022: Why the IRS might send you a smaller refund

Some taxpayers may be surprised when the expanded Child Tax Credit shrinks their refund, tax experts say.

Here's when you can start filing your 2021 federal tax returns

Normally, the tax-filing deadline is April 15, but this year that is when Emancipation Day will be observed in Washington, DC.

You may 'see a little bit of a tax cut,' thanks to new IRS tax changes for 2022, accountant says

The IRS announced changes in the tax code Wednesday that will affect tax brackets, the standard deduction amount, and the Earned Income Tax Credit.

The IRS is 'buried' in paper after 'most challenging' year for taxpayers. Why it matters for 2022 tax season.

The national taxpayer advocate, in her annual report to Congress, cautioned that the 2022 tax season could be just as challenging as last year.

2022 tax advice: How to get child tax credit cash, charitable deductions and free help

The IRS will begin accepting tax returns on Jan. 24, 2022. Here's what to know about filing taxes, unemployment claims and child tax credit payments.

2022 tax season: 5 tips to boost this year’s refund

The IRS is poised to begin accepting 2021 tax returns on Jan. 24.

Taxpayer Advocate Warns Of Tax Refund Delays, IRS Buried In Paper

Still waiting for last year’s tax refund? You might be waiting for this year’s, too.

Are You Missing Your Third Stimulus Payment? Here's How To Get It

According to the IRS, nearly $390 billion in third stimulus payments had been sent to Americans as of June 2021. Although most people received their third stimulus payment, some haven't. In March 2021, the IRS started issuing the third Economic Impact Payments (better known as stimulus payments)

ASL: Here's Who Will Get Advance Payments of the Child Tax Credit (CC and Audio)

There have been changes to the Child Tax Credit that will benefit many families as they receive advance payments starting in summer 2021. For details, visit:...

Advance Child Tax Credit Payments in 2021 | Internal Revenue Service

Important changes to the Child Tax Credit helped many families get advance payments of the credit:

Fourth Stimulus Check 2022: The criteria on how receive a $1,400 payment in 2022

Millions of Americans are hoping that a fourth stimulus check will arrive from the federal government to lessen the ravages of inflation in the midst of the COVID-19 virus, althoug